Medical Attention To Seek After A Car Accident

28 April 2017
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Once you have been involved in a car accident, there are many types of medical care that you may need in order to fully investigate your injuries.

Urgent Care or ER Specialists

It's a good idea for everyone to visit either the emergency room or an urgent care facility after the accident to take stock of any big medical problems. They will check for signs of internal damage and potentially take x-rays to rule out fractures. Orthopedic surgery needs are important to know about from the beginning; if you require surgery and don't get it, there could be problems down the line with how bones and muscles heal after your accident. 


Whiplash is one of the most common injuries after a car accident. Chiropractors are suited to treating the pain and stiffness that comes with a sprained back and neck. Whiplash treatment is a weekly or bi-weekly program designed to relax muscles and get the spine realigned to relieve your pain. Without attention, car accident pain may linger for months, and muscles can continue to stiffen as a result of the pain in your body.

Rehabilitation Specialists

If you have a broken bone or a more severe sprain that won't heal correctly on its own, you might be sent to a rehabilitation specialist. They come in several forms. An orthopedic specialist deals with bone structure, and they can monitor the progress of a broken bones and sometimes provide surgery. If you have a need for a physical therapist, they will help you regain a range of motion, strength, and functional skills that you can lose as a result of destroyed musculoskeletal tissue after your injury.

Don't Delay in Seeking Medical Care

Seeking out plenty of medical care is critical because many car accident injuries don't show up until much later. For example, a back sprain or neck sprain may not become painful until weeks later, or until another minor trauma causes that underlying injury to get worse. And untreated, a small sprain from a car accident could last for months. The delayed timeline of injuries can create problems when you need to get compensation from a car insurance company.

On the other hand, when you do get these medical bills in hand, they can increase your car insurance payout greatly. One of the built-in parts of the system is a multiplier for pain and suffering which is generally calculated based on your medical bills. So, there are plenty of reasons to carve out time after your accident to get thorough medical care from a provider like El Camino Center for Sports Medicine‚Äč.