The Connection Between Your Feet And Your Spine: Treatments For Re-Alignment

27 July 2017
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Problems with your back may actually start with your feet. When your feet and legs are not quite perfect, your back feels it. You can visit a chiropractor to help with the spinal care, but in all honesty, you should see an orthopedist first. The orthopedist can effectively diagnose the source of your back problems by looking at your feet, legs, hips, and spinal alignment. Here is more on the connection between your feet and your spine, and orthopedic treatments for re-alignment.

One Leg Shorter Than the Other

Do not be alarmed if the orthopedist says you have one leg shorter than the other. This is actually quite common. Usually, people with this slight defect rarely notice it because the shorter leg is only shorter by less than a half inch. In most cases, it may only be a quarter of an inch to a third of an inch shorter. However, the shorter leg does tend to pull your posture slightly off balance. 

To correct this slight defect, and reduce your lower back pain, the orthopedist will prescribe a removable lift for your shoe. This is often a piece of cork that slides into your shoe and under your heel. It is the exact thickness of the measurement taken from the longer leg minus the measurement from the shorter leg. It corrects the problem and sets your whole balance between legs right again.

Flat Feet

Flat feet have no arches. Not only does this cause pain in your feet and ankles, but it also causes pain in your back. Your posture is altered because the weight of your body is not on the balls of your feet, but on the centers of the bottoms of your feet. Your spine tries to compensate for this, but only ends up feeling the stress and discomfort.

The orthopedist corrects this foot/spinal relationship problem with custom arch supports or orthopedic shoes. By lifting your arches, the weight of your body is placed back over the balls of your feet. Your back is relieved of the strenuous duty of trying to compensate for flat feet. You will automatically feel less pain in your feet, your ankles, your legs, your hips, and your back when you consistently wear orthopedic arch supports or orthopedic shoes.

Heel Spurs

Heel spurs are bone growths that shoot off of your heel bones. They tend to resemble spurs worn by cowboys, thus their name. When you have heel spurs, your heels hurt A LOT. It is extremely painful to walk, so you compensate by avoiding walking on your heels. Not walking normally affects your back. Your back goes out of whack. The best treatment here is to have the spurs removed surgically.