Sprained Your Ankle? The 101 On Treating Your Ankle Sprain With RICE

12 August 2015
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From playing your favorite sport or running for exercise to slipping on a wet floor, it is easy to see how ankle injuries are common. Considering an estimated 25,000 people sprain their ankle each day, learning how to treat this common injury is smart. While common, recovering from a sprained ankle can be painful and overwhelming and it may require custom orthotics. Fortunately, your doctor will recommend R.I.C.E to treat your ankle. Read More 

Get Back In The Game: What To Do After An Athletic Foot Injury

9 July 2015
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Immediately after your foot injury, you need to take some steps to prevent the injury from swelling and getting inflamed. Here are the steps to a quick recovery from a foot injury.  Follow "RICE" The acronym "RICE" is useful for remembering the steps to take in order to pamper your sports injury. The first part of the equation is to rest. It's important to place as little weight as possible on your foot until you're sure it's not broken or strained. Read More